Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Patch 008 - FEMP

I was very happy with myself after yesterday - the PWM ensemble I programmed turned out to sound very nice indeed, albeit not as nice as the sound I was aiming for. I was aiming for a certain sound and I obtained it though - that is what it should be like! Today I have rather ambitiously tried to repeat this by tackling part 9 of Gordon Reid's Thor Demystified articles and produce a usable FM electric piano sound (you can find the original article here).

Now I could not quite this one to sit right. It sounds more like an organ with tremolo rather than a smooth electric piano sound. I have not quite got the time to persevere with this one right now so will leave for now - perhaps someone can make a suggestion as to how I can improve my patch? I will certainly return to this one once I have learnt some more!


That is it for my short series (of two!) on copying some patches from the Thor Demystified tutorials. I will be moving on to something else tomorrow!

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