Friday, 19 February 2010

Patch 005 - Simple organ

When I think of the hammond organ I think of swirling 60s psychadelic music. I think of the Charlatans, a band that brought the hammond B3 kicking and screaming into British indie music in the 1990s. The mystery of the rotating Leslie speaker. Oh to emulate such a sound!

Of course, that classic hammond sound is beyond me at the minute. It's better to run before you walk and all that so today I created a simple organ patch from scratch. Three sine waves, the first two slightly detuned and an octave apart and the third tuned seven semitones up. I added phaser to provide a little movement and a touch of reverb and that was about it. Even the envelope settings of my init patch were spot on.

I will attempt the hammond another time! A simple organ:

Simple organ

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