Friday, 19 February 2010

Patch 004 - Blade walker

Apologies for the attempt at humour in today's patch name, you'll have to get used to it I am afraid.

You may have guessed it, I am tryin to recreate that Vangelis sound, the beautiful CS-80 synth string sound from Blade Runner, one of my favourite films. I did my research first on this one and checked out some youtube videos such as the one below to get some ideas of where to start. So thanks to all the synthmeisters who posted on there.


The starting point for this patch is two detuned saw waves combined with a little vibrato. I added a bit of analog drift too, but had to cut it down to 1% or you get an unpleasant (for this patch anyway) phaser effect. The key to this patch is in the filter and amp envelopes and I tried my best to get these right, you need a slow attack but not so slow as to make it unplayable. I think Vangelis used a pedal for the filters but I had to rely on the envelopes. Plenty of reverb was added to make this sound as lush as in the film.


Blade Walker

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