Monday, 22 February 2010

Patch 007 - PWM Ensemble

As you may have picked up from the FAQ section to this Blog, I use the software Reason a lot. One of the great things about software like this is that there is often a plethora of online resources associated with them and not only can the beginner learn quite quickly, but you feel other people are helping you along the way. The Reason Patch a Day blog that influenced my blog is one such resource, another is the Reason developers, Propellerhead, whose website offers forums and tutorials to assist the discerning synth enthusiast.

On the Propellerhead site is an online series of tutorials for the Thor synth within Reason, penned by the great Gordon Reid (author of many a Sound on Sound article on synthesis) and I have found them to be incredibly useful. A few of the sounds from the series cannot be reproduced on the Micron (at least not easily!) given the different modes of synthesis on offer within the Thor synth. However, the third in the Thor Demystified series produced a gorgeous PWM string ensemble patch sound that I thought I would try and emulate on my Micron. You can find the original article here.

If you want to try and reproduce it yourself I would suggest following Gordon's instructions as that is what I have done. Or of course you could download the .sysex file and circumvent the hard work, although as you will discover I have not quite managed to obtain such a lush sound as Gordon created - file under must try harder!

PWM Ensemble

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