Sunday, 21 February 2010

Patch 006 - Steel squeak

Today's patch is an example of "let's see where this takes us" school of synth programming. The finished sound is like a cross between a steel drum and a squeaking door, hence the title.

I started off playing about with the tracks feature of the Micron, something I have yet to get my head around properly. The finished patch has a short decay time and no sustain so you can't really hear the full extent of how the tracking modulator is working and probably just as well - it doesn't sound too inspiring. However, with the short decay time it just cuts off the sound as it starts to move resulting in an almost breathing character which I thought was very pleasant. Add a delay sound and you have a really cool steely, squeaky, breathing bell like sound which I think sounds great, especially in the lower registers.

Steel squeak

I am off to try and work it into a track now.

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