Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Patch 002 - Brass monkeys

After yesterdays failed attempt at a classic synth brass, perhaps one of the most basic patches you can program for a VA synth I decided to put in a bit of reading up on my synthesis theory, courtesy of Sound on Sound's excellent Synth Secrets series which is available online. It turns out I was using square waves instead of saw waves as my starting point and therefore I am not surprised my patch fell short! Duh!

So, with my notes on emulating brass instruments in one hand, I was determined to get it right this time so here is another stab at a brass patch. I liked the width I got from panning each oscillator left and right so I am sticking with that approach here. My research has suggested that the Oberheim was the daddy when it comes to synth brass patches and therefore I used the OB2pole lowpass filter with a little filter attack and a little amp attack too. Finally, the only effect I used is a bit of reverb, I opted for the plate algorithm. I did struggle again with the envelopes, the sustain time confuses me.

Anyway, this one is called Brass monkeys and you can download it here:

Brass Monkeys

It has been suggested I upload the patches in mp3 format so you can get an idea of how it sounds without having to upload the .sysex file to your synth, I think that is a great idea although I do not have a huge amount of time at my disposal at the minute. I will put up a catch up post with a bunch of mp3s soon!

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