Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Patch 001 - Brassed off

My first creation was to be a fairly simple patch trying to emulate a classic analog synth brass sound. I started with a couple of square waves, slightly detuned against each other and fed through 2 filters in parallel and panned left and right to give a bit of width. I messed about with the filter and amp envelopes and must admit I couldn't quite get the movement I was after.

And then, as is typical with a lot of my patches, like a kid having a tantrum I just started throwing random elements into the mix. I added a third square wave, tuned an octave lower and then modulated the pulse width with an LFO. I also increased the attack time so the sound sneaked up on you and snarled in your face (especially when played in lower octaves). An LFO adds a bit of vibrato and I tried to delay this using an envelope although I'm not too sure how successful this was. Some ring modulation and FM give the sound a creepy detuned character. I sprinkled on a bit of chorus and reverb to add to the spookiness and finally I set the m1 slider to control filter cutoff and the m2 slider to control LFO rate.

So I completely failed in what I set out to produce but I am pretty happy with the end result and think it would sit quite happily in the right ambient context. Anyway, enough waffling, here is the patch, Brassed Off, for download:

Tomorrow I will have another attempt at a classic synth brass patch!

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