Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Patch 021 - kick1 (adk)

I have decided to draw a line under my "birds of prey" themed (in name only) synth patches for now and move onto something new. Back in 2012 I prepared a drum kit using my microKorg as part of my microKorg Analogue Drum Kit series (adk). I found this a great learning experience and it was also pretty cool loading my samples into my sampler of choice (ReDrum in Reason at the time) knowing that this kit was unique to me (and anyone else who downloaded it from my blog!!). The main problem was that the samples were locked in time, given the monotimbral nature of that synth.

I think you can surely guess where I am going with this... Yep, I am recreating my analogue drum kit series, adk for short, on the Micron! The benefit of course is that once complete I can load my kit into a Rhythm patch and tweak away.

And on to the first patch, a kick drum, based on two oscillators - a sine wave and a triangle pitched an octave below running through the moog low pass filter. There is a subtle percussive beater noise added by some noise run through filter 2 (again, low pass) with a snappy envelope. Check it out and let me know what you think.


I can see each of these patches evolving as I prepare all the parts of the kit, hence why I have numbered this patch. For example, I can imagine reassigning m1 / m2 to pitch and filter combos for example for each of the patches. Or adjusting the pitch so that the kick and snare sit well together in the final adk kit.


m1, m2 - unassigned, for now!
x - filter 1 cut-off
y - filter 1 resonance
z - pre-mix noise level

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