Thursday, 12 February 2015

Micron Editor for OSX - micronAU

I occasionally use micronAU as a Micron program editor and must admit, it's a lot easier than the using the hardware interface:

After the misfortune of having a damaged motherboard I recently had to reinstall OSX on my laptop and could I find micronAU again? After a lot of searching, dead links and dead ends I stumbled upon a copy in a dark corner of the world wide web and to save you all the bother of looking yourselves, I thought I would post it here. I can confirm it works on OSX 10.5 in Logic 8 and Renoise (my sequencer of choice these days), not sure about the more recent macs.

The software is donationware, and so if you use it then you should really reward the author although the link in the enclosed Manual is dead. So, if you wrote this great piece of software, drop me a line and I can provide a new link!



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  2. Heres a little video i found on Vimeo that helped me a lot with the Micron AU. And immense thanks for the time you put into keeping this page alive, cheers! :)

    Also heres are the latest version of Micron AU...including 64bits :)

  3. hey guys
    it would be highly appreciated if you coud repost a working link?
    the dropbox isn't working anymore.
    thanks a lot :)

  4. ....also the original verizon website is dead