Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Hardware bug?? - Audio thru on the Micron

I use a Belkin Rockstar as a basic passive mixer for all my synth gadgets such as Volcas, Monotron Delay and so on, ideal for mobile music making. And what a clever little device it is with each 3.5m jack acting as an input or output depending on circumstance.

When I used it recently with the line outs on the Micron (via a suitable audio cable) I noticed that the level from the Micron was low. Even more bizarrely I noticed that all the other audio feeding into the Belkin was being passed through the headphone output on the Micron, albeit passively.

What a handy feature! There is nothing about this in the manual but with the right cable you can use your Micron to accompany other audio gear without the need for a mixer.

Or so I thought... Unfortunately when used as a "mixer" like this the Micron's level is reduced to such an extent as to be barely audible. Alternatively, if you unplug one of the line out cables you then hear the audio thru in one ear and the Micron sounds in the other. But to hear them both together you'd need a mixer. Which brings us back to where we began!

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