Sunday, 7 March 2010

Patch 012 - Uniclav lead

I recenty purchased the Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming book by Jim Aikin and have been working through it when I have had the chance. I bought it thinking it would be a cookbook style guide - giving the reader "recipes" on how to program the standard synth patches but it does very little of that and I must admit it is all the better for it. Jim explains how synths operate in a very succinct manner and it is a very enjoyable read so grab it if you can.

In the book there is a short discussion on how to achieve a Clavinet sound and I've used that as the starting point to this patch. I have left things monophonic and the patch uses a single pulse oscillator. I have added some unison to thicken the sound a little, added a low pass filter and that is about all there is to it!

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