Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Patch 010 - Upright bass

I was going for an upright acoustic bass sound today. I used a little bit of FM to get the tone of the sound but then 'cheated' a bit and used a filter too!  I then used fast attack and decay times together with a low sustain level for the amp envelope to get that initial pluck sound. I love being able to set a sustain time, really helps with acoustic instruments like this.

Finally, I assigned an LFO to slide M1 for vibrato, but reigned in the amount a bit so you get a subtle effect. This sounds pretty good in the bass octaves but could no doubt do with some improvement as usual! Here's the patch:

Upright bass

By the way, from now on I am using the "$" prefix on all my patch names, this just helps me distinguish my patches from ones I get from other Micron users.

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