Monday, 13 April 2015

Patch 030 - init (e2)

Back in March 2010 I posted an Init patch, in the absence of an initialise all feature on the Micron. This evening I have decided to revisit the concept and programme a new Init patch for using with my sequencer - the new Korg Electribe or Electribe 2 (E2 for short). I did this because the knobs on the E2 are assigned to fixed Change Controls and because the Micron relies on NRPN messages rather than CC data. I therefore had to set up all the CC routing within the Mod Matrix.

I had to make some decisions, for example filter type (ob2), what envelope to assign the attack / decay knobs on the E2 to (Env 2), what to assign the IFX knob to (FX balance) and so on. I decided to make Envelope 2 a one shot (i.e. sustain off). Here is the patch:

init (e2)

Mappings / Mod Matrix Routing

m1, m2 - unassigned, for now!
x - env 1 attack
y - env 1 release
z - delay time

Amp / EG Level (E2, cc7) - program level
Amp / EG Level (E2, cc10) - pan
Filter Resonance (E2, cc71) - filter 1 resonance
Amp / EG Level (E2, cc72) - envelope 2 decay
Amp / EG Level (E2, cc73) - envelope 2 attack
Filter (E2, cc74) - filter 1 frequency
Oscillator Edit (E2, cc82) - oscillator 1 shape
Filter EG Int (E2, cc83) - filter 1 envelope
Insert FX Edit (E2, cc87) - fx mix
I recorded a very basic test sequence whilst knob twiddling (starting with a single saw wave), and the result can be heard here:

(single live take, a little bit of reverb added afterwards)

Very much regard this patch as a work in progress, may post variations at a later date as my workflow evolves. I hope some of you find this useful!

CC80 (Oscillator Pitch on the E2) seems to be routed to Latch on the Micron, good to know!

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